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Breathing Lessons

Updated: May 5, 2021

One of the things I often do with new patients is to map out the lung’s structure for them, so they can understand how the lungs work, what can go wrong and how we can best try to help them. While I do this on an individual basis, I’m so excited to announce that soon I’ll be able to help a lot more people!

I’ve teamed up with Norton Publishing and the Ross Yoon Agency to write a book on lung health, Breathing Lessons. In it, I help readers to understand not just how their lungs work, but how to protect them over the lifespan. I also talk about various types of lung diseases and how we can treat them.

Did you know your lungs don’t reach their full adult size until roughly 25 years of age? This means it’s not just adults we have to worry about. We also need to protect the lungs of children and young adults to set them up for a lifetime of good health. Before COVID-19, we already had a youth vaping epidemic and threats to air quality that affect young and old. There are simple measures we can all take not only to protect ourselves but also our children and our loved ones.

You can check out the full details, pre-order the book, and follow me as an author on Amazon!

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