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Stand Up for Clean Air

COVID-19 has helped us realize how important lung health is, yet nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air every day. Unhealthy air effects can actually impact lung health beginning in the womb. Continued exposure to air pollution can further lead to a lifetime of lung problems.

Did you know the human lung does not complete development until an individual is in their mid-twenties? If a child is exposed to significant lung pollution growing up, they may never achieve peak lung function as an adult.

The American Lung Association just launched its Stand Up for Clean Air Campaign, encouraging everyone to pledge to take collective action to address climate change and air quality issues. To do this, everyone must contribute to ensuring clean air. Small, everyday actions to reduce your carbon footprint and spreading the word really can add up to meaningful change.

The American Lung Association has many great tips on how to improve the quality of the air you breathe. Want to know the quality of air where you live? Look here.

Interested in how to protect yourself and your family from unhealthy air? Did you know the EPA actually has guidance on reducing unnecessary vehicle idling that can impact the quality of air children breathe at school? Interested in impacting climate change? Please join me in taking the pledge to Stand Up for Clean Air.

Click here to share your story with the American Lung Association:

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